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Both Victims and Villains

such as fate ordains

salem witch trial slash is fun for the family...
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This community is dedicated to Salem Witch Trials Slash (hooboy talk about irony there)*.
We are open to any and all pairings. Post anything you like as long as it pertains to a pairing or the Salem Witch trials in general. Fics, pictures, articles, videos, rants - all are welcome, whatever happens to float your boat. There are rules to follow, of course, most are pretty basic and are posted on every comm in existence (kinda) but I feel the need to go over them anyway. You know, just to say I've done my mod duty.

1. Be polite, we will have NO flaming or general rudeness. There will be no witch hunts on this comm. contrary to what it's about.
2. Constructive criticism is different than flaming. Oh I know you are all saying "Well ya, I know that" but you as I am sure you also know, some people need to be reminded that they are two different things.
3. Post anything and everything so long as it pertains to Salem Witch Trials or Slash concerning the SWT.
4. Any and all pairings welcome, femm slash, regular slash, oh I don't know Parris and the switch thing he uses, whatever is to your fancy. (Hale and his very heavy books weighed with knowledge or whatever it was they were weighed with)
5. When you post a fic or picture please include the following in your post or something along the lines of the following:
Notes/Warnings/Author's/Artist's ramblings
6. Love, love, love is all you need...

Um yes I believe that is it for now, I may change a few later but it won't be anything drastic and as I am sure you are all mature and wonderful people me putting these rules up was probably pointless to begin with, aw well.

Now what are you waiting for? Why are you sitting around like ducks? Go, be slashy and horribly heretical (in the eyes of those at Salem) and have fun.

*The irony for those that don't get it: We have a comm slashing the people who believed that homosexuality was heretical and would have hanged those charged with it. Because if you sleep with someone of your own sex you are thus sleeping with THE DEVIL...oh noes! chyaa...

If you have any issues contact one of the mods - wheefactor or life_of_amesu