Sara (life_of_amesu) wrote in soveriegns,


For those that care (coughWheefactorcough) - modern Joseph Putnam


  • Maimonides - fanfic

    Oh wow finally another update. This place is rather dead is it not? Aw well. It's almost done, will finish it most likely by the end of the week…

  • Of Fevers and Ghosts, C5

    Title: Of Fevers and Ghosts Author: Kytten Pairing: Johnny Hale/John Proctor Rating: PG13 Disclaimer: I don’t own. Author’s Note: Been…

  • Of Fevers and Ghosts, C4

    Title : Of Fevers and Ghosts Author : Kytten Pairing : Johnny Hale/John Proctor Rating : PG13 Disclaimer : I don’t own. Author’s…

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